Polyflex Foam is the only manufacturer of Rigid Foam in Jamaica.

Rigid foam is the insulation of choice and can be considered one of today’s most effective insulation materials. It can be installed on exterior or interior of a wall and can be used in almost all parts of your home or place of business.

Features/ Benefits:

  • One of this highest R-Value ratings (between 5.5 and 8 per inch) among insulation materials available
  • Supplied in sheet/ board or pipe forms
  • does not deform or distort
  • used in diverse applications
  • moisture resistant
  • often supports a structural role
  • light weight lends to easier handling, installation and a lighter supporting structure
  • low vapor transmission
  • very strong

Applications Of Rigid Foam:

  • Cold Storage Rooms
  • (Food and Beverage Industry)
  • Medical Buildings
  • Chill Water Systems
  • Sound/Acoustics for buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities

Rigid Polyurethane foam contributes to society and culture by conserving resources. Rigid foam insulation materials properties exceed those of any comparable material in strength-to-weight ratio, R-value and durability, while their versatility enables builders to use them for dozens of different applications. It yields very high performance and exceptional energy efficiency.