Other Applications

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Polyethylene Foam is one of the most widely used material in the production of sports and leisure goods. Low density polythylene metalized sheets offer even better protection for cars interiors than tinting. Sunvisors reflect sun rays away from the car thus keeping the vehicle cooler and reducing damages which usually occur due to excessive heat built up in the vehicle.

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Backer Rod (Expansion Joint Material)

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Low density Polyethylene foam Backer Rod is a state of the art sealant backing product, made of closed-cell low density polyethylene foam and is used as a joint filler for specialty applications and is ideal in irregular joint applications where self-levelling; flowable sealants are employed. This product is chemically inert and will resist oil, gasoline and most other solvents. It is odourless, will not stain nor adhere to sealant materials. (Refer to Physical Properties for more technical information) Product Features Anti-Static 100% Waterproof Easy Handling and Installation Highly Durable Highly flexible and pliable Highly compressible Available in a wide variety of diameters Available in variety of colours (at an additional cost) Conforms to joint irregularities and adapts to many joint widths Applications Joint filler for pre-fabricated houses, tunnels, carports, subways, bridges and other concrete structures. Seam coupler for water supply and sewerage pipes Window and Sash frames Liquid reservoirs and swimming pools Window sash frames Specifications Click here to view...

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