Flexible polyurethane foam affects our lives in many ways. It is used as cushioning for a wide variety of consumer and commercial products including FURNITURE, CARPET CUSHIONING, TRANSPORTATION, BEDDING, PACKAGING AND TEXTILES AND FIBRES.

As a cushioning material Flexible Polyurethane foam has proven to:

•          Provide support and comfort

•          Absorb energy

•          Provide resiliency

•          Offer durability

•          Provide handling strength

Our products are used in many industries for various applications such as:


We provide comfort and support to the bedding industry, Flexible foam sheets, roll foam and foam slabs to make the “rest feel good”.


Shredded foam is used for in the stuffing of pillows, cushions, stuffed toys and many other applications.


We continue to be the leaders in the supply of flexible foam to this industry with a variety of foam density and Indention Load Deflection (ILD)  to best suit our customers.