Having been introduced to the product in 1996, Courts Jamaica Limited continues to use polyethylene foam for protection of our furniture during delivery and warehousing. Use of product has brought us cost saving due to less repairs and reduction in damages.

W. Norman Boyd
Courts Jamaica Limited

Tropicair made the switch in protective packaging materials to PolyFlex’s 2mm sheet from single face corrugated cardboard in 1998. This decision was made after I was able to project a 28.5% cost savings. We have never looked back! PolyFlex’s P.E Foam offered comparable tear strength and padding protection when compared to cardboard.

Laurence Scott
Tropicair Limited

We have found that the Polyethylene Foam Insulation material is quite sufficient to ensure our products are received by our customers at temperatures within specifications. Although the ambient temperatures may change en route, the polyethylene foam provides sufficient insulation thus there is minimal fluctuation in temperature which we track by using a continuous temperature recorder.

The Polyethylene Foam we use is supplied locally by PolyFlex Jamaica Ltd.

Sophia Lawrence
Aquaculture Jamaica Ltd. – Frozen Fish Exporters